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The Fundable Startup: How Disruptive Companies Attract Capital is a venture capitalist’s advice to the millions of entrepreneurs who start a high-tech company every year.

Every year, millions of new high-tech companies are started by founders who want to copy the success of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.  Unfortunately for these founders, investors have the luxury of selecting from the companies with the best ideas and the most experienced management teams, which stacks the odds overwhelmingly against the “first-time” founder. 

Many start up failures could be avoided if the founder adopted a bootstrapping approach to building a “virtual” team, creating value, and retaining a CEO capable of raising capital from venture capitalists.  The book contains examples of companies that were launched successfully by following this strategy, including five that were either led by or advised by the author.

My name is Fred Haney. I have worked with high-tech startup companies for 45 years as:

      • A successful venture capital fund manager.
      • An angel investor and Co-founder of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment group in the U.S.
      • Founder of Monday Club, a 700-member mentoring network for startup companies.
      • Director of over 30 startup companies.
      • Founding CEO/Chairman of five companies.

The Fundable Startup can improve a founder’s chances of navigating the treacherous waters of building a high-tech company, meaning any company that is technology-intensive, including traditional computers, computer chips, software, Internet, biotech, healthcare, and medical devices.  Startups are fragile, and you will learn how to avoid the most threatening hazards. 

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