What makes you an expert in this space?

I am the person to write this book because:

      • I have a unique perspective on the varied world of high-tech startups based on 46 years of experiences as a venture capitalist, venture capital fund manager, angel investor, corporate director and co-founder of multiple companies.
      • I know from personal experience what investors are looking for.
      • I have hired and replaced multiple startup company CEOs.
      • I have implemented the “attract capital” strategy successfully, either directly or indirectly, in eight companies.
      • My conclusions are based on 46 years of experience in working with high-tech startups.    
      • I have served on over 30 boards of directors. 

I have been a venture capital fund manager and venture capitalist. I am currently a private investor and the founder and President of the Venture Management Co., a firm that provides capital and assistance to high tech companies.  My other activities include: 

  • Founder and organizer of Monday Club, an 850-member group that provides funding guidance and mentoring to two startup companies monthly  (MondayClub.com).   Every Monday Club presenter receives written feedback on a form I designed.  Monday Club has helped many startup companies obtain funding. (See examples below.)
  • Co-founder, Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest angel investor groups in the U.S. https://www.techcoastangels.com/
  • Founding Chairman and CEO, NovaDigm Therapeutics (http://www.novadigm.net/), DRC Computer (http://www.drccomputer.com/), and PulSentry, Inc.
  • Director of over 30 high-tech companies.

In 1983, I was the founder and manager of 3i Ventures, California, a successful venture capital fund that invested $80 Million in 60 startup companies and produced 19 public companies and top quartile returns.

In 1999, I was selected “Mentor/Angel of the Year” by the American Electronics Association in Orange County.  In 2002, I was named “Director of the Year for Early Stage Companies” by the Forum for Corporate Directors.  Before 1983, I held senior management positions with Xerox, CSC, and TRW.  He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Carnegie-Mellon University.

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