How Long Should My Investor Pitch Be?

Have an elevator pitch – a 30 second version of your company in a way everyone will understand it. It needs to be specific and come across in less than a minute. For investor pitches it’s hard to address critical… Continue Reading →

Build Your Team

Unless you are self funding the business or have friends and family giving you a “loan”, you might have to build your business team without money. So you’ll probably want to use stock options and give up some ownership in… Continue Reading →

What are company building skills and how do you get them?  

Why would a CEO who had previously managed a start up have an advantage over one who had not?  One reason is that he might have developed a unique set of “company building” skills.  These are an unheralded set of… Continue Reading →

The Fundable Startup Overview

Take a peek at the short video introduction for The Fundable Startup:

What’s Behind the Questions Investors Ask About a High Tech Startup Business Plan?

When you create a business plan slide package for your high tech startup, make sure you understand and answer the question that is really being asked.  It’s easy to “fill in the blanks” of a business plan outline without really… Continue Reading →

The Chickens and Eggs of High Tech Startups

“How to solve the most difficult ‘chicken and egg’ problem affecting startup company funding.” Building a high tech startup company involves working through multiple “chicken and egg” problems. The most overwhelming of these is, “I can’t get capital without an… Continue Reading →

Creating and Measuring Value For High Tech Startups

“The chief executive officer of a high tech startup company needs to know how the value of a company is measured and how to create value.” One of the purposes of a high tech startup company is too create value… Continue Reading →

Why Do So Many Startup Companies Fail?  Insight from the venture capitalist’s desk.

Improve your chances of getting funding for your high tech startup from angel investors and venture capitalists. Studies have shown that about 90% of high tech startups fail. I think the percentage is actually higher, because many startups never even… Continue Reading →

Welcome to The Fundable Startup

The Fundable Startup: How Disruptive Companies Attract Capital is a venture capitalist’s advice to the millions of entrepreneurs who start a high-tech company every year. Every year, millions of new high-tech companies are started by founders who want to copy the… Continue Reading →

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